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Bộ chuyển đổi AV, S-video sang HDMI Dtech DT-7005

Bộ chuyển đổi AV+Svideo sang HDMI .Sử dụng chuyển đổi cho các thiêt bị AV (RCA), Svideo sang màn thình Tivi HDMI đời mới

– Độ phân giải HDMI: 720p@60hz, 1080P@60hz

– Ứng dụng cho: Máy y tế (nội soi, siêu âm), CD/DVD player, HD player…

Product Features 
1) CVBS and S-Video signal input the converter can simultaneously by the band switching signal to switch the input
2) CVBS or S-Video signal upgrade to HDTV 720P, 1080P HDMI output 720P/1080P(60HZ)
    AUDIO into the HDMI and through the 3.5mm headphone jack output
    NTSC / PAL (Auto detection side CVBS format)
3) Ordinary VCD, DVD audio and video signals to HDTV signal. HDMI TV screen connected to HD Output
4) Plug and play. Convenient
5) Aluminum design. Stylish and light weight
Product Description 
1) HDMI high-definition output
2) HDMI output: 720P-60HZ 1080-60HZ
3) Video input system: NTSC / PAL
4) CVBS and S-VIDEO share a set of sound
5) Signal Standard: CVBS/S-VIDEO 75ohmAUDIO (R / L)
6) Maximum operating current 75OmA
7) Operating temperature (-15 to 75 degrees Celsius)
Brand: DTECH
Model: DT-7005
Name: AV to HDMI
Color: Silver
Weight: 235g
Size: W90 * L70 * H33mm
Function: CVB / S-VIDEO signal to HDMI signal
Chip: Original Taiwan chip
PCB Material: Epoxy fiberglass double panel
Material: Aluminum
Indicator: Yes
Operating voltage: 5V
Current: 75OmA
Accessories: Audio and video cable*1  HDMI Cable*1   5V/2A Power*1   S-Video Canble*1

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 Bộ chuyển đổi AV-SVideo Dtech -7005
Bộ chuyển đổi AV-SVideo Dtech -7005
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